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Masorcontrol is low cost easy to use survellaince and security system that fits your needs.

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Battery-free sensors
  • Maintenance free
  • Unlimited operation time

MasorControL The new era of RFID is here!

Masorcontrol is basically a remote reader for survellaince and security needs that supports GSM, LAN, WLAN and Bluetooth connections.

  • Integrates into survellaince and security applications and systems
  • Survellaince distances over 10 metres; distances multiplied by multitransmitter systems
  • Battery powered mains


Functionality which has a choice.

Masor Control

Masor Works has designed a concept for wireless monitoring system that opens a new era for RFID applications. You can make your own environment to be monitored with MasorControl monitoring system.

Almost limitless amount of sensors in one place or in various monitoring locations, MasorControl can be installed in new environment or retrofitted in current platform.

If you have a switch to be monitored we might have the solution for you. All this without internal power source.

MasorControl can be used for a wide range of purposes – your imagination is the limit. Typical applications include:

  • Hydraulic fixtures
  • Safety monitoring
  • Access control
  • Industrial switches
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Wear sensors
  • Switch status
  • Emergency stops
  • Robot sensors
  • Etc


Stages of the set up process


Identifying the monitored object and environmental requirements.


You can design your own monitoring environment, we will prepare and make it happen. For example: one location monitoring system with mobile connectivity, LAN-WLAN, antenna type.


Easy installation and ready for use. As simple as it can be, no service required.

Masor Works Oy was founded in 2009 and specializes in industrial installations and maintenance.

We use our long experience in research and development from industrial field, so we can make as good product as possible.

For us our customers opinions and requirements give us the goal. MasorControl is one time opportunity to upgrade to an service free and wireless monitoring system.

MasorControl is efficient for every kind of needs and requirements.

It’s dynamic and free to use and it lets the customer choose his/her own monitoring environment.

Masor Works Ltd’s goals are to be transparent and customer oriented company, that grows its cooperation with customers. Contact us or just pay a visit at our office!

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